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Simon Cole & Associates Law Practice - Employment Law

"On your side"
Advocacy and mediation services. Employment issues and dispute resolution.

Prior to and while training to be a lawyer I worked in human resources and industrial relations. I understand the interface between unions and employers and have advised employers in manufacturing and logistics (Arnott's Biscuits), in public sector agencies (RTA, Juvenile Justice) and in higher education.

I have experience with the resolution of industrial disputes including advocacy in industrial tribunals, negotiated agreements and settlements.

I understand that flexible working arrangements can provide more people with job opportunities. People are working harder on individual contract arrangements which may not offer long term security. I have witnessed changes to how we work and the need to plan our careers and be more creative. There has never been a more important time for workplaces to be fair and equitable.

I can assist you with under payment claims, unfair dismissal, workplace injuries, harrassment and the resolution of industrial disputes. Contact me for a chat and if you need someone to be on your side.

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